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Zucchini Fries


Take medium and firm zucchini with a few seeds.

Slice them with a wide, sharp knife, lengthwise to quarters. Salt in a coarse Himalaya salt and set aside for about an hour (if in a hurry you can give up).

Heat olive oil to a high degree and fry until slightly golden.

Place on non-greased baking paper, drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle with spices.

Add salt, pepper, Chilli/espelette (if you like it hot).


Heat the grill to medium-high temperature. Place the pan at the top of the oven.

Keep a close eye on it, once it's golden it's almost ready.


Submit to the center of the table on baking paper, or dish as best as you imagine.


What's inside?

Medium size Zucchini

Olive oil

Salt Himalaya

White pepper

Greek/Italian/Medeterian dry spices (Oregano, basil)

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