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Lemon chicken zucchini


In a pan with olive oil, burn chicken breast and sprinkle with spices.

It is important not to dry or burn. Put aside.

Heat olive oil and crushed garlic in another deep pan

Sprinkle the zucchini spaghetti

When the spaghetti softens a little (al dente), pour a box of sweet cream

When it warms, remove the whole lemon from the heat.

Taste, salt, and pepper.

Serve in deep bowls and sprinkle with parmesan or green onions or basil


What's inside?

6 thin chicken legs

1/4 cup olive oil to fly

Spices like sweet paprika, chicken spice (slightly red)


1 sweet cream 38%

2 crushed garlic cloves or garlic spoon "Generations"

Juice from one lemon

Himalayan salt

White pepper


Additions: Parmesan, green onion, basil

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