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THE steak!



Heat olive oil in a high frying pan.

Season the steak on one side only with salt and ground black pepper

Place the steak in the pan seasoned side down. 

Season the other side and turn in the pan.

Sprinkle over cubes of butter.

Tilt the pan diagonally and wet the steaks constantly with a spoon.

(Prepare the meat to a level you like i.e. Medium)

Turn it once more and wet again.

Remove from the fire and serve immediately!



You can serve it with Tahini, home-made pickles or a refreshing salad (cabbage or lettuce).


What's inside?

Meat stew: 1.5 kg of fat steak (such as entrecote)

1/4 cup olive oil for frying

1/4 cup butter slices to cubes

Himalayan coarse



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