Sushi and Zucchini


Choose several long zucchini.
Slice alongside, them down using a wide knife.
Salt with Himalayan salt and set aside for 1 hour
(If you hurry you can give up)
In a skillet pan, heat olive oil to a high degree
Fry until lightly golden in the form of stripes.
Place on a towel paper and sprinkle over spices
I prefer to sprinkle a mixture of Greek spices


In a nylon wrap lay the stripes of zucchini.

Mix the cheese with salt, pepper, and lemon.

Spread generously on the stripes.
Place rocket leaves or lettuce leaves

and roll into "sushi".
You can close with a toothpick.

On a plate are put the slices of sushi on the side.

Top Black sesame or sesame seeds Wasabi
Drizzle olive oil.

What's inside?
Mascarpone cheese 40%
Rocket or lettuce leaves
Olive oil
Salt Himalaya
White pepper
Italian dry spices, chili