Pizza zucchini

How simple how wonderful!


Take medium and firm zucchini with a few seeds.

Slice them with a sharp knife into thin slices (circles).

You can use a wide knife or a wide shredder. ·

Place the slices on a non-greased baking paper, and then remove the olive oil with salt and white pepper. Place mozzarella cheese on top of each circle and sprinkle with a few crispy crumbs with oregano.

Feel free to sprinkle over the mozzarella anything: pesto, almonds, fresh basil.

Heat the grill to medium to high temperature. Place the pan in the top of the oven. Keep a close eye on that once it's golden it's almost ready.
Serve to the center of the table on baking paper, or dish as best as you imagine.

What's inside?
Olive oil
Himalaya salt
White pepper
Italian spices

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