Chocolate Mousse Smoked Salt



In a saucepan, melt dark chocolate (85%) with a small amount of water

Add agar-agar or gelatin dissolved in water in a microwave *

Refrigerate for about 15 minutes

Meanwhile, whip cream with 4 tablespoons of sugar substitute finely ground

(Priority for Swever confection)

Fold the chocolate gently into the whipped cream.

Transfer to glasses (preferably with sleeve)

Sprinkle smoked salt or decorate with a cherry.


What's inside?

Heavy cream

4 tablespoons Erythritol (minced)

100 g dark chocolate

Some water

1/4 teaspoon agar-agar or gelatin


* A teaspoon of gelatin in a little water.

Preheat a few seconds in the microwave It will be a bit like a sponge