Seared tuna salad



Heat a pan to a very high level and add with olive oil.

Roast the tuna on both sides and drizzle a little soy without carbohydrates, garlic,

Himalayan salt, and white pepper. Cool and cut lengthwise.

Cut the eggs into quarters.


Place the lettuce leaves, artichokes,

The tuna slices, the eggs.

Decorate with kalamata and circles of red onion.

Pour the vinaigrette sauce


What's inside?

Tuna steak (ask for the most fat there is)

Olive oil

Low Carb Soy

3 hard-boiled eggs

Canned roasted artichokes in oil

Lettuce leaves

Kalamata eggs

purple Onion

Vinegar dressing:

Olive oil, vinegar (preferably apples),

Garlic, mustard, salt and white pepper