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Chocolate chips

Rich cookies in chocolate flakes 85%. 12-10 cookie packets.

1 gram carbohydrate per cookie!

40 ש"ח


Cheesecake based on cream cheese rich in 20X16 format.

14 grams of carbs per cake!

80 ש"ח


Brownies are rich in chocolate and butter. 12 squares

3 grams of carbohydrate per unit!

52 ש"ח

Chocolate rolls

Butter rolls filled with 85% dark chocolate. Minimum 15 cookies. 

3 grams of carbohydrate per unit

58 ש"ח

Vanilla Crescents

Vanilla crescents melt in your mouth brittle and delicate. 12 crescents. 9 carbs per 100 grams


52 ש"ח

Seed cookies

Seed cookies covered with dark chocolate. 12 cookies. 

3 carbs per unit


48 ש"ח


Coconut and pistachios.

6 muffins.

3 grams of carbohydrate per unit

52 ש"ח

Caramelized granola

Seeds based granola.

Different flavors can be ordered

200 grams - 24 grams carbs 


55 ש"ח

Image by Ting Tian


Traditional Tiramisu, layered of cookies with whipped cream cheese, espresso coffee