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Like chocolate macaroons

Did you know that in Hebrew Strapless  are called   How much chocolate? An easy and simple recipe for making this sweet treat


Italian Samifardo

An Italian dessert with a citrus scent. Freezers for hot summer days. An official refreshment of any meal

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chips

In New York, there are them on every corner. Crispiness and softness. A combination of the stripes created their great texture. You can not stop devouring

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Cheesecake and whipped cream

Who said ketogens have no gourmet desserts? Personal dessert A light cheesecake with whipped cream garnished with frozen strawberries

רולדת חמאה ושוקולד.jpg

Chocolate roll from the book

There is no flour here and no sugar.  No one will believe you. Chocolate roulade recipe from the Israeli ketogenic diet. 2  Carbohydrates per slice.

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Red fruit jam

The red fruit jams give flavor and color to any dish. On a slice of bread, a cake led and also next to a piece of meat. 

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Seed cookies

I have been making this cookie for years, but I have always made it with sugar. So I just made with a substitute and it came out no less good (viewer oath) and everyone who bites did not even notice that there is a sugar substitute here.

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Sliced almond cookies

What to do with the remaining proteins? Mouth-watering cookies with sliced almonds and butter

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Cinnamon cake

When baking a cake with cinnamon there is a smell of home. Even in our house. A cake that melts in your mouth.  

Macros: 25 g |  Fat 208 g | 1.6  Carbohydrate per unit

טורט קוקוס ופיסטוקים.jpg

Coconut pistachio tortilla

Personalized coconut and pistachio tortilla. A wonderful substitute for a bun

Net Carbohydrates: 7.4 g |  Fat 13 g | Unit 3 gr

Image by Tayla Linford


A small bite and great peace. Wet brownies on the inside, delicate and smooth.  

Net carbs  5.3  Gr |  Fat 33 g |  Unit 2.5  Gr


Personalized chocolate pie

Suffering dough (sand) is a dough that is established in the first place  On butter and nuts. With a few tweaks we got to the perfect thing. Dessert for Passover or just for a pampering weekday 

מקצפות שושנים.PNG

Roses cookies

Aunt Shoshana's cookies. I could not have not had such. And it was hard work to reach the level of the originals. But all the effort paid off  Heavenly bite


Mousse and smoked salt

A small bite on the verge of a meal. It can also be prepared at the last minute. On top smoked salt that makes a crazy castor

טארט פירות יער.JPG

Berry tart

Personalized truffle filled with vanilla cream and berries. Impressive, festive, with frozen fruit all year round

מקצפת פירות אדומים ופיסטוקים.PNG

Red fruits

Red fruits always invite to combine with whipped cream. At the base of red fruits cooked with erythritol, over whipped cream and crumbs  Pistachios. 



Cheesecake with delicate almond coconut dough served with red fruit jam. Based on ketogenic powdered sugar in the best tradition


Stars and hearts

Delicate coconut-flavored cookies for any occasion.  Great for kids.  

Net Carbohydrates: 4g |  Fat 34 g | Unit 0.6  Gr


Lemon bite

Delicate suffering dough stuffed with lemon cream and over meringue  Delicate Italian. And a small leaf of mint for decoration and smell

עוגיות פיסטוקים.PNG

Pistachio cookies

With a Mediterranean flavor, pistachio cookies based on almond dough. Although there is a debate among the kitogens about whether pistachios are allowed, but if you want to replace them with almonds

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Israeli KETO

The Book of Ketogenic Nutrition  Comprehensive that includes explanations of nutrition, tips and recipes. Special price for KETODOT customers.