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Dr. Ronit Avnon

 A clinical naturopath with the ability to lead to achievements and knowledge that leaves no doubt about the place of kitogenicity  In our lives.  Comprehensive ketogenic courses for beginners and advanced, accompanied by wonderful recipes, for anyone who wants to lose weight  And also feel wonderful.
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main food groups

The podcast that puts you in order in the ketogenic diet
With Pablo Cohen and Nicholas Kopitman. Fun to learn from the top experts. The endless knowledge and the desire to move on, listen and internalize
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The virtual store that will bring home all the materials that allow for a perfect ketogenic life. It is especially recommended to buy erythratol  And Hemp Seed .

Spoon, house for lactogens

The site that centralizes everything it takes to do   Right. Fine recipes, calculator and everything
Who needs to know
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A short story about a big change. The blog and website of Nicholas Kopitman, who shares amazing recipes and blogs.
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