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The book that allows you to eat chocolate without remorse

The most comprehensive book for making sugar-free chocolate

If you want to eat a healthy, sugar-free chocolate candy that does not raise insulin, which adds a delightful flavor to life - this book is just for you!

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Eat chocolate and lose weight?
Yes! The book is based on the principles of the ketogenic diet and the low-carbohydrate diet.
A method that advocates reducing the amount of carbohydrates and using healthy fats. 
The diet that allows corrupt food - including chocolate!

It is suitable for anyone who needs a balanced, healthy diet that allows for weight loss.

Not just for ketogens!
The recipe book contains 100 recipes and preparation instructions for creating homemade chocolate without sugar
Chocolate in various flavors. Bitter, white, pink ... and even Japanese chocolate
Chocolate with olive oil, tahini, coconut cream, pistachios and more


You too deserve delicious chocolate

Looking for something sweet?

Want to be energetic?

Do not want remorse?

Aiming to be creative in the kitchen?

Want to combine chocolate with natural ingredients?

Have you ever tasted chocolate with spices?

Why is it better to use dark chocolate?

How do you turn dark chocolate into milk chocolate?

How do you make "white" chocolate without sugar?

A wonderful book for anyone whose health is important to them. The book addresses diabetics and children with diabetes

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This chocolate anyone can make.
In-depth knowledge of working techniques and combinations of chocolate with sweeteners that do not raise insulin. Simple instructions, information and recipes for making delicious chocolate by chef Ronit Hanegbi from the best-selling company "KETO Israeli Ketogenic Nutrition"


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What will you find in the book?

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Who is the book suitable for?

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מפנקי 12.jpg
שפים 15.jpg
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מגשימי דיאטה 24.jpg
דיאטנים18 .jpg
אנשי רפואה 19.jpg
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What was written about us?

In this wonderful book written by Ronit Hanegbi and Meir Lasri, you will find all the information needed for controlled eating of chocolate, with instructions for homemade, easy and simple preparation of healthy, high-quality and delicious chocolate. Healthy chocolate is mostly  Chocolate that does not contain the harmful substances and above all: sugar. Ronit and Meir's chocolate recipes comply with the requirements of the ketogenic diet and are especially recommended for those who eat a low-carbohydrate diet and want to heal, lose weight and lead a delightful, delicious and healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Ronit Avnon ND PhD  Naturopathic with specialization in ketogenic diet

Operates the KETO F80 Ketogenic Nutrition Training School

 There are simple and easy recipes to make, there are surprising recipes with combinations I never thought of, fun to make together or alone. Most importantly - completely adhere to the ketogenic diet (if you manage not to eat everything in one day). The book of magic The ketogenic chocolate is simple - magic.

Cyclamen to. High-tech


Tzila d. - Haemek Hospital

Where do you buy the book?

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המזווה בוטיק לוגו.jpg
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מאיה טבע.jpg
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ריש לקיש.jpg

How much does all this sweetness cost?

The price of the elegant book on the website is 135 NIS (instead of 149 NIS)

You can pick up directly from us, from our partners or order home delivery at a cost of 35 NIS

Who we are?
מי אנחנו רונית ומאיר.jpg

Let's go into the kitchen and roll up our sleeves

A sugar-free chocolate celebration with a chocolate magic book

Only 135 NIS (instead of 149 NIS)

You can pick up directly from us, from our partners or order home delivery at a cost of 35 NIS

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All rights reserved to Ronit Hanegbi and Meir Lasri

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