Cauliflower cream soup

Smooth and creamy, great for cold winter days, 

Chicken Lemon soup

Chicken soup - not what you thought. Cooked with cream, olive oil, garlic and lemon. Nothing is reminiscent of Grandma's soup

Mediterranean Sea-bass

Sea-bass fish served with artichokes and some tomatoes. Mediterranean flavors with lemon.

Tuna balls

Tuna balls in delicate texture, with lemon sour-cream sauce. Good for home, good for work, extremely tasteful.

Grilled cabbag

As simple as extremely delicious. The smell at home floats you beyond the horizon.

THE steak

Making a steak is an simple art. It takes practice to get to the degree of perfection. This method guarantees 100% success

Cauliflower cream soup

Smooth and creamy, great for cold winter days, 

Roast beef

Fast preparation and lots of fun. Lean beef meat but make up with lots of butter.

Tuna Falafel

When you have leftover of ketogenic bread, grind for crumbs, add eggs and spices. And you have ketogenic falafels

Zucchini fries

A Greek dish that I transformed to Keto. Goes with burgers or roasted meat and kids will love it.

Indian shrimp

Shrimps in buttermilk with Indian spices cooked in a cream. Quick, easy and nutritious. A few basil leaves will nicely decorate it.

Level up meal

I love to serve plated dinner on the table. Bream fish on top of vegetables in tahini, decorated with fresh green salad.

Zucchini Manti

Manti is a Turkish dish, similar to small ravioli. In the ketogenic version we kept the flavors and swapped the mint with zucchini


With the aroma of Mediterranean Shawarma. Lots of with Tahini, Chicken, Onion and Artichoke.

Lemon chicken zucchini

Spaghetti zucchini with chicken in a lot of lemon cream.  Tour table spoon with not resist the sauce.

Red Asado

Full meal of fatty meat cooked in its own juices. Serves with cabbage salad and red fruits sauce.

Keto burger

The best thing is that hamburger needs mainly meet. And a fat one is the best one. 

Weekend Asado

Long cooking of Asado meat fills the house with the homish smell . A simple serving with a wink of Parmesan cookie.