The Magic Book of Ketogenic Chocolate
At a special price to the ketogenic community

Dozens of chocolate recipes in a new book designed to allow anyone who wants to eat and lose weight.
Bitter chocolate with nuts, almonds, pistachios, spices combined with olive oil, butter, tahini, coconut oil, sweet cream and more surprises.

This chocolate anyone can make.
It has simple instructions, information and recipes for making chocolate recipes.

The ketogenic chocolate book KETO The Magic of Chocolate contains quick recipes, and most of them are easy to prepare and the impression WOW!

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Special price 135 NIS instead of 149 NIS

What's in the book?
Chocolate in various flavors based on chocolate 85% or more, in simple techniques with healthy fats such as olive oil, tahini, butter, coconut cream, MCT oil, and spices
And a special episode of Chocolate for Sweet Kids


Chocolate surfaces - break and enjoy


Chocolate, pistachios and pine nuts = 1 gram of carbohydrate

What did Dr. Ronit Avnon write about the book?

Special price 135 NIS instead of 149 NIS

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