Welcome to the Ketogenic Chocolate Store

Handmade pralines from the finest materials

Chocolate 85% or higher, sweet cream, butter and erythritol

Nuts truffles

12 dark chocolate balls combined with hazelnuts and pistachios. Based on 85% chocolate and erythritol.

60 ש"ח

The bonboniere

24 Pralines with chocolate, pistachio, espresso, berries, gilded, rich in various and unique flavors

160 ש"ח

Strawberry ice cream

9 frozen strawberry ice cream in fruity cream. Red berries can also be ordered

60 ש"ח

White chocolate and pistachio

6 nut-rich rectangles, creamy almonds, and butter. Coated with natural pistachios.

42 ש"ח


12 golden chocolate units with pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts. Based on 85% chocolate and erythritol.

84 ש"ח

Coconut rings

12 Coconut Rings Coconut Mountains in two flavors: bitter and delicate. Chocolate 85% or higher

48 ש"ח