Carpaccio and cauliflower with truffles salt


Take fresh, firm cauliflower and slice it with a sharp knife into the thinnest possible slices.

You can use a wide knife or a wide shredder.

Pour the cauliflower slices into a large container with a lid.

On top of it, sprinkle with high-quality olive oil, which will soften the cauliflower.

Add salt and white pepper. Close the lid and shake well so that the slices absorb the oil.

Allow resting for about an hour. If you hurry you can skip the rest.

Take baking paper without the need for oil and slice on the oven pan. It is important that all the cauliflower be exposed to the grill. Over sprinkle with truffle salt (Allow any other spice as pepper and chili).

Heat the grill to a high temperature. Place the pan in the top of the oven.

Keep your eyes open, once it's golden it's almost ready.

Serve center of the table on baking paper, or dish as best as you imagine.

What's inside?

1 medium cauliflower

1 cup olive oil

Himalaya salt

White pepper

Truffle salt