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לחם פיסטוקים וצנוברים.jpg

לחם שמנת פיסטוקים

A creamy, slightly sweet bread with pistachios and pine nuts. 

Each bread is 34 carbs

60 ש"ח

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Chia bread

Our superfood bread. Based on water-soaked, delicate and nutritious chia seeds.

29 grams of carbohydrates

50 ש"ח

לחם זיתים פרוס.jpg

לחם זיתים

Mediterranean bread, contains olives and sunflower seeds, flax seeds. Fits next to each dish. Each bread has 30 carbs

55 ש"ח

לחם פרג חמניות.jpg

Poppy and sunflowers

Bread with almond flour and flax flour, exploding in the mouth with plenty of flavors.

29 grams of carbohydrates

50 ש"ח

Image by Piero Istrice

Anyting Else?

Did you crave bread or bun you didn't find here? Contact us and we will be happy to help


Image by James Coleman

Olive rolls

Rolls with cheese and green olives. 10 rolls.

2 grams of carbohydrate per unit

48 ש"ח


Seed bread

Bread is rich in sunflower seeds and pumpkin with pine nuts and sesame seeds. 27 grams of carbohydrate per loaf


50 ש"ח

לחמים וספר עומד.jpg

The book KETO Israeli

The book will teach you step by step on the ketogenic diet. Recipes including baked goods and stews



sweet challah

For a Saturday or holiday table. The carbohydrate door began. Special Order!


Image by Kolar.io

Cheese bread

Based on almond flour and cheese

38 grams of carbohydrate per loaf

60 ש"ח

Image by Mel Elías

Salted muffins

Dotted with flax seeds, with rich bread texture. 10 units

2 grams of carbohydrate each


45 ש"ח